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scri: the thing that everyone forgets about equius is that he's constantly holding himself in against not only all of his fetish problems but also apparently against rage
scri: apparently the entire robotics hobby was concocted as a way to keep himself busy so he wouldn't destroy his own friends and possessions
scri: he cares more about status than any of the other trolls, probably even more than eridan, and that's likely because of his lusus
scri: but it wouldn't be nearly so exacerbated if he didn't feel incapable of maintaining his status
scri: he wouldn't be so hung up on controlling and being controlled if he weren't, in his eyes, COMPLETELY INCAPABLE of controlling himself
scri: and he's the only highblood who DOESN'T worship violence-- instead it's the part of him he wants to escape
scri: so i think that even though he'd never ever admit it, equius wishes he'd been born a lowblood.
scri: his moirail's a lowblood and she's more carefree about the hemospectrum than ANYONE
scri: who wouldn't be jealous of that?? and equius most of all, since he's more conscious of his status than anyone in their entire session
scri: and his love interest aradia is lowest of all and yet even though she's DEAD she keeps it together better than anyone else
scri: he very clearly idolizes anyone who can stay calm and cheerful and he doesn't know feferi or terezi at all, so the only people he's seen exemplify that are nepeta and aradia.
scri: it's even more obvious that equius sees himself as an embarrassment who needs to be kept away from society when you look at darkleer, who very LITERALLY hid himself from the rest of the world after failing to kill the disciple
scri: because he's a highblood and he knows that that means he should kill lowblood rebels mercilessly but for some reason never explained in canon he CAN'T, and it's probably because he's jealous!
scri: i mean jesus when has it ever been okay for a highblood to sacrifice himself for his friends?? aradia and sollux and nepeta all did it but kid if you think that woudl be socially acceptable for feferi or eridan or vriska then you've got another thing coming
clem: oh goodness thank you
clem: i love equius so much
scri: hahaha you're welcome! i love equius fuck, fuckkk
clem: and i get peeved when i hear people don't like him GOD
clem: now i have a nice concise response as to why they're wrong, why they're so, so wrong
scri: so wrong!! people think he's like the most simplistic least interesting character and i'm like
scri: oh honey
scri: haven't you learned that all of the trolls get way more interesting if you give a single shit about how their society works because the second you do that you can't not find equius fascinating
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